Company Profile

The photography industry is very vast and is filled with talents and endless demands from the clients. A photographer will have to be exposed to everything before they can set out on their own and carve a name for themselves.

We are here to train the talents and help them find their calling when it comes to photography. One might be interested in landscape photography but the talent would be for another aspect of photography. This can be spotted only by those who know about every aspect of photography and what each one demands.

Being in the field of teaching, training and developing young people into professional photographers, we are here to help you find your path. We offer various courses that will help you learn about all types of photography, so that you can understand which one is your calling.

Why Join Us

Apart from offering full time and crash courses, we even offer paid internships, where you get to go along with reputed professionals on their shoots. This will give you the much needed experience which will be the highlight of your resume. When you are exposed to how real professionals work, you get to enter this industry with a lot of insight and understanding.

We also have tie ups with wedding planners and contractors, to sign you up for your initial projects. We know cracking into this field is not a joke and hence have all the contacts and opening ready for you to take the plunge.

Our courses come with both internships and placements where one can either find individual projects or join a well reputed team to start their journey as a professional photographer.

Join us today, learn everything you can about photography, find your calling and let us help you enter that field the way a true professional should.